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Activate and balance the energy centers


What you seek is already yours

Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga Online

practice with others  from your home

6 Classes & 2 Meet & talks

–> March 6 – 30 <–


This month will special focus be on the energy centers
in the body. We will each week do practices that activate
the throat center, the head center, the navel center and the heart center.

When these centers are active will energy flow and balance up the body.
And then can we participate from a deeper source and not be so
vulnerable to situations that we now experience as stressful.

The Classes will be given in English, and/or in Swedish,
depending on the need of the participants. If there is someone
who doesn´t speak Swedish, English will be the main language during the classes.

A  Program for Balance

Do you sometimes think that you want to start with a meditation, yoga or mindfulness practice, but never get around to do it?  What´s often needed is support. We need the company of others to do what we know is best for us. Here is your chance to get just that. 6 classes of practice, together with others. And several possibilities to interact and ask questions.

The classes build on each other, but it is perfectly fine to do one per week if that suits you better. This program gives you the option to choose how you want to participate.

Kum Nye gives relaxation, and release of tension.

We are busy, with many things to accomplish each day. It seems like both our mind and body needs relaxation, to loosen the stress our way of being brings. In Kum Nye we sensitivly attune to the feelings in the body, which gradually releases the hold of our fixed patterns and holdnings.

 What Is Kum Nye?

This is how that question is answered in the description of the book we use:

Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga, A complete Guide to Health and Well-Being, 115 Exercises & Massages by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.

Based on the Tibetan medical system, Kum Nye consists of exercises developed by Rinpoche to relieve stress and promote the deep relaxation necessary to experience the full benefits of meditation. It is both a natural healing aid and a means for deepening meditation. An effective means to become fully comfortable in our embodiment, Kum Nye consists of breathing, massage, postures and movement exercises that release blockages and allow energy to flow unobstructed through body and mind, restoring the wholeness of being.

Kum Nye integrates and balances physical and psychological approaches to harmonize the energies of body and mind. The deep relaxation produced releases a vibrant, intense flow of feeling that renders all experience richer, healthier and more beautiful. 

You can buy the book from Dharma Publishing and from Amazon.

For the moment is it difficult to find the book in Sweden. You can search at these places. and if you can´t find it online we have a few copies in Gothenburg we can send to you.

You do not need the book to be able to participate in this program, but it is of big help if you want to study Kum Nye in depth.

The training is lead by Stig Albansson, a long time practitioner and group leader of Kum Nye.

I came in contact with Kum Nye at a six month program/retreat for Human Development at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley California -96/97. It directly spoke to me and has stayed with me since then. I started to lead groups when I returned to Sweden. Mostly in Göteborg where I live.  The people in the groups have always expressed that there is something special about Kum Nye. Which I agree with. There has been a deepening during the years and a big shift of understanding and renewal of interest started to happened when I participated in the Kum Nye Teacher Training lead by Arnaud Maitland, director of Dharma Publishing, in October 2015.

I have participated in many different kind of online classes during the last 5-6 years, and to work online feels very natural nowadays. But I am still amazed how strong the group field is. It feels like we are practicing together in the same space.

The Kum Nye Intensive Online includes:

  • 6 classes where we practice together. We meet online through a computer, phone or tablet. 
  • 2  Meet & Talks where you can ask questions about the practice.
  • Documentation of the practices we do will be sent out after each class.
  • The support of practising in a small group, which makes such a big difference.
  • Suggested practices to do inbetween classes.
  • A private Facebook group for questions, discussions, and information.

 Here’s what you’ll get:

What is listed here is pointers, towards where the emphasis of the practice will aim.
What each one of us will experience is of course not possible to say.

The main thing with these classes is that they provide a way to practice together with others.

You will be given instructions during the sessions, and your understanding will deepen the more you participate.
Even after one class will you be able to continue to practice Kum Nye on your own, between classes. 

Week 1


Class 1 – Monday 6

Class 2 – Thursday 9

The first class will be introductory. We will get a sense of how Kum Nye works, and how to practice it. The focus this week will be on the throat center which distributes energy to the rest of the centers, and is essential for balance.

Monday & Thursday 7-8.15 pm CET (central europe time). 

Week 2 

Meet & Talk – Monday 13

Class 3 – Thursday 16

This week will we do exercises with extra focus on the head center. A balanced head center makes it easier for us to think, communicate and visualize.

Meet & Talk Monday  7.30 – 8.30 pm,  Class Thursday 7.00-8.15 pm CET

Week 3


Class 4 – Monday 20

Class 5 – Thursday 23

From the Head will we continue to the center in the navel area. This center are responsible for our sense of being grounded in life, and gives us warmth and a sense of nourishing from within. When balanced will grasping be lessened.

Monday & Thursday 7.00-8.15 pm CET

Week 4 

Meet & Talk – Monday 27

Class 6 – Thursday 30

The heart is where we are coming from and where openness and balance are being felt. When the other centers are active and balanced will the heart opens.

Meet & Talk Monday  7.30 – 8.30 pm,  Class Thursday 7.00-8.15 pm CET

The classes are mainly focused on practice. So the Meet & Talk’s are a nice chance to meet the group, share experiences and ask the questions that may have arisen during you own practice.

Are you ready to commit?

Sign up for the Kum Nye Intensive and get:

soulbeing   Instructions on how to connect to the classes with your computer or tablet.

soulbeing   Links sent out to you before each class.

soulbeing   Suggestions on how to prepare for the classes.

soulbeing   Explore something new and interesting.



Enroll in the program and get 14 days full refund guarantee. No questions asked.

Even if you can´t participate in every class you will get a very full value out of this program.

360 sek for the whole program

(equals $40 / €38)


300 Sek for everything except the classes on Mondays.
-You will receive recordings from the ”Meet & Talks” we have on two Mondays.

The cost is around what you pay for two or three yoga classes in a studio, and here you get 6, or 4,  classes,
2 Meet & Talks, a Facebook group and documentation  of what we do sent to you. And, you don´t need to travel somewhere.

What others are saying…

”Stig is leading the group in a well-organized and structured but also empathic and humble way”

His long experience show itself in the grounded and stable feeling he is coming from. His long experience is sensed in the down to earth, grounded feeling in the sessions. It creates a sense of trust that allows you to go deeper into your own unfolding experiences. Stig gives guidelines and recommendations but there are no demands of accomplishment. This means that the process can develop in a way which suits one´s current shape and helps in working with whatever one encounters at the moment.

Patrik Lilja, member of the practice group in Gothenburg, Sweden.

”Som deltagare i den här serien yogapass är jag väldigt nöjd”

Det är behändigt att praktisera hemma och det kompletterar den vanliga yogan.
Jag har lärt mig mycket av Stig och fortsätter gärna om det blir fler tillfällen.

Margareta O, deltagare i praktikgruppen i Göteborg
samt Onlineklasserna sommar & höst 2016

”Jag gillar mycket att alla kan delta oavsett hur lång erfarenhet man har..”

Efter att ha deltagit i praktikgrupp under ledning av Stig Albansson i två terminer märker jag att mina energinivåer både stärkts och stabiliserats. Jag är betydligt oftare i nuet och känner oftare och tydligare förnimmelser i kroppen än tidigare. Effekten av en klass sitter i länge.
Stig Albansson är en alldeles utmärkt och mycket engagerad lärare som med fingertoppskänsla sätter ihop en serie rörelser efter ett tema som han presenterar idéen bakom innan klassen. Ofta är det just precis det jag behöver den dagen. Han är ödmjuk i sin undervisning och förklarar ingående både nya rörelser och de eventuella hinder man kan stöta på. Han återkommer ofta till att det är förslag han kommer med och att vi gör det som känns rätt för oss.”

Maria Wåhlin, deltagare i praktikgruppen i Göteborg

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have some former experience?

No, not at all. As long as you have an interest and openness to explore something new, that is all it takes.

So an open mind, and a decent internet connection for your computer, mobil or tablet and you´re good to go!

Do I need a fancy computer?
No, the technique we are using is quite forgiving. Most computers and tablets which you use for other things will do. It might be good to see if the loadspeakers are ok on your device or if you want to add extra speakers. Most people don´t have a problem with this. The most critical thing is that your internet connection is decent.
Will other people see me?
If you want. The technology gives this option and it is a big help for me leading the class to see you. It also is adding to the sense of the group field if you are visible. But no, you do not need to be visible if you don´t want to. A middle way is to have your camera on in the beginning and in the end, and stop it during the practice if you so prefer.
Can you explain in a few words what this is about?

I shall try. We come together through our computers and will start to sit for a while. Guidance will be given the whole time. We will be invited to put our attention inside us. To notice more and more of the feelings and sensations in the body.

It may sound strange, but just by doing that, things will start to happen. We are then spending the rest of the class doing standing and sitting exercices, and working with the breath.

And, we often move very slow, so we can notice more of our inner experience.

What is the connection between Kum Nye and Buddhism?
Kum Nye comes from a tibetan teacher who has been trained in the tibetan buddhist tradition. But Kum Nye is regarded as a discipline on its own. Something that is developed especially for the need we as westerners have. You don´t need to be interested in Buddhism at all to do Kum Nye, and you don´t need to believe in anything. All you need to do is practice and feel what´s happening inside of you.
Where can I read more about Kum Nye?

You can go to www.kumnyeyoga.com. All I know and speak about comes from the books by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. And from workshops and discussions with teachers from other centers. In recent years has the explanations given by Tarthang Tulku´s senior student Arnaud Maitland been of tremenous help. And it never stops, there is so much more to explore.

Arnaud Maitland and other people from Dharma Publishing are regularly giving talks and trainings in meditation and Kum Nye. Go to www.dharmapublishing.com and see what´s on the agenda.

If you really want to go deep with your Kum Nye practice is a retreat the best option. You can see what Dharma Publishing is offering on their website.