Kum Nye - Tibetan Yoga - Stig Albansson

Retreat i sommar strax norr om Uppsala!

28-30 juli 2017

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What is Kum Nye?
Kum Nye is system of gentle movements, sitting, and breathing  exercises that is aimed to balance up body, mind & senses.
How do you do Kum Nye?
Slow, very slow.. In order to feel more, which is one of  the main things we focus on
Vad är Kum Nye?
Kum Nye är ett system av sittande, andningsövningar, och rörelseövningar som syftar till att först få kroppen att slappna av., och genom det få ökad balans mellan kropp & sinne.
Hur gör man Kum Nye?
Vi gör de flesta övningar väldigt långsamt, för att lättare kunna kontakta de känslor och förnimmelser vi har i kroppen. Vilket är ett av de medel vi använder.

“When I first started practising Kum Nye with Stig it started out as a happy surprice for me.”

I had been practising qigong and meditation daily for years and thought that I knew all about moving energy in the body and finding truth, secrets, stillness and peace inside. What Kum Nye came with, was a form of a very natural and easy practise, that took me to places so close but yet where i had never been. Stig guides the group with such softness and safeness, we are free to follow but also free to walk our own ways. Kum Nye is a treasure hunt and a blessing! I don’t even exaggerate! With Stig as a guide I am working on my own in a safe space. Digging for my own gold inside, that frees me. To practise at home in front of the computer is fantastic! The energy of the group and space we practise in together is very present. In fact we practise in a unlimited space that frees me and takes me home to myself.

Karin Lindén, participant in Kum Nye Online 2016/17

“The group container is strong. This shows how deep the virtual space can be. Without leaving the house :)”

For me Kum Nye is an important tool to embody higher insights. To walk the talk more authentically in every day life. The more I feel me, the more I can feel the people around me. The more compassion I have  with my difficulties the more helpful I am for my surrounding.
True love begins in my self and Kum Nye can support me in cultivating this love in a very gentle way.
Karoline Maria Wibmer

participant in Kum Nye Online 2016/17

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